Extent of mental health crisis in England at ‘terrifying’ level


Sumary of Extent of mental health crisis in England at ‘terrifying’ level:

  • Record numbers of children and adults sought NHS help last year for problems such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders, or because they ended up in a mental health crisis..
  • The Royal College of Psychiatrists has highlighted the sharp rise in mental ill health, that began after the first lockdown in March 2020, in an analysis of NHS and Office for National Statistics data..
  • “The extent of the mental health crisis is terrifying, but it will likely get a lot worse before it gets better..
  • In 2020, between April and December, 372,438 under-18s were referred for mental health help, the most recorded, and 28% more than the 292,212 referred in the same period in 2019..
  • The number of children and young people needing emergency care because they were in a mental health crisis rose 20% to 18,269..
  • Bernadka Dubicka, chair of the college child and adolescent faculty, blamed the situation on “the devastating effect that school closures, disrupted friendships and the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, have had on the mental health of children and young people”..
  • During that period the highest number of adults ever had to be referred for urgent help because they were in a mental health crisis – 159,347, a level 2.2% up on the same period in 2019..
  • “There is a rising tide of poor mental health resulting from people traumatic experiences of the virus itself, of isolation and exposure to abuse, of loss and bereavement, and of financial insecurity and job loss.”.
  • About 10 million people will need help with mental ill health relating to the pandemic, including 1.5 million children, although two-thirds were already struggling before Covid-19 hit, Bell added…

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