Fostering creativity in researchers: How automation can revolutionize materials research

fostering creativity in researchers how automation can revolutionize materials research

Sumary of Fostering creativity in researchers: How automation can revolutionize materials research:

  • However, the cycle of synthesizing, testing, and optimizing new materials routinely takes scientists long hours of hard work..
  • In a recent study published at APL Material, scientists from Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), Japan, led by Associate Professor Ryota Shimizu and Professor Taro Hitosugi, devised a strategy that could make fully autonomous materials research a reality..
  • Their work is centered around the revolutionary idea of laboratory equipment being ‘CASH’ (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, High-throughput)..
  • With a CASH setup in a materials laboratory, researchers need only decide which material properties they want to optimize and feed the system the necessary ingredients;.
  • the automatic system then takes control and repeatedly prepares and tests new compounds until the best one is found..
  • To demonstrate that CASH is a feasible strategy in solid-state materials research, Associate Prof Shimizu and team created a proof-of-concept system comprising a robotic arm surrounded by several modules..
  • Amazingly, their CASH setup managed to produce and test about twelve samples per day, a tenfold increase in throughput compared to what scientists can manually achieve in a conventional laboratory..
  • In addition to this significant increase in speed, one of the main advantages of the CASH strategy is the possibility of creating huge shared databases describing how material properties vary according to synthesis conditions….

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