From Vaccines to Medicare: What to Expect in President Biden’s Next 100 Days


Sumary of From Vaccines to Medicare: What to Expect in President Biden’s Next 100 Days:

  • Erin Scott/Bloomberg via Getty Images In his address to Congress last week, President Joe Biden highlighted the country successful vaccination program and announced a $1.8 trillion family aid investment..
  • Investments in child care and broadband internet access should have positive health-related benefits downstream..
  • The president also announced a $1.8 trillion family aid platform, known as the American Families Plan, that aims to help families with child care..
  • Brian Colburn, senior vice president of corporate development and strategy at Alegeus, a consumer-directed healthcare platform, told Healthline..
  • “Medicare Advantage, in particular, is the fastest-growing segment of the health benefits industry and has proven to be an effective model for containing costs,”.
  • “Legislative changes in recent years around supplemental benefits have allowed for more personalized coverage for consumers and a tremendous market opportunity for health plans..
  • Colburn also said the pandemic has shown the benefits of virtual healthcare, and that this trend will likely continue..
  • “That toxic stress that happens because you cannot find child care, the ability to work being compromised because of all of the social stressors and upstream issues that impact people lives, have downstream impact on mental health and behavioral health along with physical health conditions,”.
  • Elnahal also said that certain aspects of Biden speech — such as the expansion of broadband internet access — have a positive effect when it comes to healthcare…

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