GPs in England ‘finding it increasingly hard to guarantee safe care’

Sumary of GPs in England ‘finding it increasingly hard to guarantee safe care’:

  • The number of family doctors working the equivalent of full-time hours fell by 1,307 to 28,096 between September 2015 and March 2021, according to an analysis of NHS data by the RCGP, with growing numbers quitting due to burnout both early and late in their careers.
  • At the same time a growing and ageing population with complex conditions in addition to an overall increase in demand for care means GPs are beginning to crack under the pressure of unsustainable workloads, according to Marshall.
  • As a result, overworked family doctors are increasingly fearful of making serious mistakes or missing crucial signs of potentially life-threatening conditions.
  • In an interview with the Guardian, Marshall said: “The fact that general practice is under such enormous pressure means it can’t deliver the patient-centred services that it wants to.
  • Many GPs are even finding it challenging to maintain a safe service.
  • Alison Mutch presided over five inquests during the Covid pandemic in which she said patients should have had better care, the Health Service Journal reported.
  • And that’s the group that general practice is struggling with.
  • Six in 10 say their mental health deteriorated in the last year, and about two-thirds (63%) say they expect things to get worse, surveys show.

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