Hiding In Plain Sight: America’s Watershed Moment With Mental Illness & A Family Who Has Bridg …

hiding in plain sight americas watershed moment with mental illness a family who has bridged the divide

Sumary of Hiding In Plain Sight: America’s Watershed Moment With Mental Illness & A Family Who Has Bridged The Divide:

  • SAMHSA Everyone knows someone who is touched by mental illness, whether it’s depression, anxiety, bipolar, or schizophrenia.
  • More than 1 billion out of 7 billion people in the world live with or have some form of brain health / mental health issues.
  • The global burden of this disease is $3 trillion, according to the World Economic Forum, and projected to exceed $6 trillion by 2030. The annual economic cost to the U.S. economy is over $1 trillion, without assigning a single dollar to the ‘incomparable’ value of lives that are lost every day.
  • More than 200 people die by suicide each day in our country, and 2,000 attempt it.
  • It’s the second leading cause of death for youth 10 to 24, and the leading cause for girls 10 to 15. “Bottom line, we have been failing to adequately address mental health in our country.
  • It should be a national emergency, but it is not,” says Garen Staglin, co-founder of One Mind, a leading brain health non-profit dedicated to accelerating collaborative research to enable individuals facing brain health challenges to build healthy productive lives.
  • “Stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness, seeking help or simply talking about it, prevent us from doing something about it.
  • Staglin continues, “The health of our brains is the greatest unmet medical need of our health care system today.

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