How our level of personal resilience changes over time

how our level of personal resilience changes over time

Sumary of How our level of personal resilience changes over time:

  • Researchers at North Carolina State University suggest that resilience is more of a process than a characteristic.
  • “Our work here does a couple things,” says Patrick Flynn, corresponding author of the study and an assistant professor of human resources management at North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management.
  • ” To that end, researchers worked with 314 members of a university marching band.
  • The surveys were designed to collect data on individual participants and their emotional and personal characteristics.
  • To assess how resilience is functioning in individuals over time, the researchers also asked study participants about their commitment to the marching band as an organization, as well as their feelings of “burnout”—specifically, emotional exhaustion related to their work in the organization.
  • “One takeaway here is that annual employee surveys may not be the best way to assess employee resilience and commitment to an organization,” Flynn says.
  • That’s because annual surveys provide snapshots, while resilience is a dynamic process that fluctuates.

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