‘It gave me hope in democracy’: how French citizens are embracing people power


Sumary of ‘It gave me hope in democracy’: how French citizens are embracing people power:

  • Laurent Boutonnet/Citizens Convention on Climate The climate convention made headlines with recommendations such as making ecocide a crime;.
  • But it also showed how, against a collapse of trust in traditional politics, directly involving citizens could improve community cohesion and reinvigorate democracy both locally and nationally..
  • Nantes is convening an assembly between this month and February 2021, in which 80 locals will assess the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, record their concerns and priorities and outline courses of action..
  • Detailed discussions were conducted in smaller breakout groups, with evidence provided by independent experts and votes on proposals such as encouraging companies to hire graduates, putting local railway lines back into circulation, helping farmers to market their products locally and revitalising ailing town centres.“We can’t become experts in a matter of weeks, but there were many things I learnt,”.
  • For many,the inspirational modern example is Ireland 2016-2018 citizens’ assembly, which broke years of political deadlock, leading to a referendum and repeal of the country longstanding constitutional ban on abortion….

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