Learning by doing: How the brain’s motor system can support vocabulary learning

learning by doing how the brains motor system can support vocabulary learning

Sumary of Learning by doing: How the brain’s motor system can support vocabulary learning:

  • The motor cortex is a brain region known to control the body’s voluntary movements.
  • However, the team of neuroscientists have now shown that it can also help translating foreign language words into one’s native language.
  • The study Participants in the study learned foreign language words by performing semantically-related gestures over four days of training.
  • After the training, the participants heard the words that they had learned and were asked to translate them into their native language.
  • A neuroscience technique known as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), in which magnetic pulses stimulate specific brain areas, was used to interfere with processing in the motor cortex during the translation task.
  • The scientists found that this interference slowed down the translation of words learned with gestures.

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