Lebanon govt set; PM calls for unity

lebanon govt set pm calls for unity

Sumary of Lebanon govt set; PM calls for unity:

  • BEIRUT: Lebanon ended a 13-month wait for a new government Friday with the unveiling of a lineup that faces the daunting task of rescuing the country from economic meltdown.
  • A new cabinet was a condition for much-needed international assistance but its ability to deliver the required reforms remains to be seen.
  • “We will make use of every second to call international bodies and ensure the basic everyday life needs,” he said, adding his cabinet would turn to Arab countries for help.
  • Lebanese received the news with skepticism bordering on indifference while the European Union and the United Nations stressed it was just a step on a long path to addressing the country’s woes.
  • Mikati was designated as prime minister in July after his two predecessors failed to clinch an agreement on a new lineup.
  • His cabinet of newcomers includes technocrats, but each minister was endorsed by one or several of the factions that have dominated Lebanese politics since the 1975-1990 civil war.

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