Lesbian, gay kids have better outcomes if parents have consistent view of their sexuality


Sumary of Lesbian, gay kids have better outcomes if parents have consistent view of their sexuality:

  • Matthew Verdun, MS, a licensed marriage and family therapist in California and a doctoral student at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s Los Angeles campus, presented these findings at the American Psychiatric Association annual meeting..
  • According to Verdun, prior studies demonstrated a negative association between current levels of parental support and mental health or substance use disorder..
  • Participants completed demographic surveys, questions regarding parental initial and current support levels for participant sexual orientation, a Patient Health Questionnaire-9, Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7 and Drug Use Questionnaire-20..
  • Participant groups included consistently positive, negative to positive and consistently negative according to their responses to initial and current level of parental support, with a fourth parental support group (negative to positive) excluded for being too small to analyze..
  • Results showed that although symptom scores were lowest among the consistently positive group, the difference between this group and the consistently negative group was insignificant…

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