Mark Selby health: Snooker player ‘on medication’ for ‘tough’ condition – symptoms

mark selby health snooker player on medication for tough condition symptoms

Sumary of Mark Selby health: Snooker player ‘on medication’ for ‘tough’ condition – symptoms:

  • Speaking to The Sun about this difficult time in his life, Selby said: “For the first six months after he died, I more or less curled into a ball and didn’t want to play snooker.
  • ” Since hitting what Selby referred to as rock bottom, the snooker champion has urged others not to suffer in silence, but instead to ask for help when it is needed.
  • This was encouraged by the Covid-19 pandemic, where Selby admitted that he struggled to keep his own mind active.
  • “When people are going through depression it’s very tough and times like this don’t make it any easier because you’re locked in your house and you have so much time to think about stuff.
  • “When I was going through it – and even now I’m still on the medication to this day – I went to see the professional people and they were telling me to do things that you enjoy and you try to keep your mind active.

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