Medical Office Visits Re-Imagined: How Covid Is Accelerating Fully Virtual Waiting Rooms


Sumary of Medical Office Visits Re-Imagined: How Covid Is Accelerating Fully Virtual Waiting Rooms:

  • Yosi Health The need to innovate on the in-office, patient healthcare journey is widely acknowledged, but few may be fully aware that a good solution is already here..
  • Yosi Health is a great case study in understanding the inter-related patient, operator, insurer pain points at each stage of the healthcare journey to find solutions..
  • As a patient, you only need to input your personal healthcare information once in your life to a highly secure, government run data base..
  • patient healthcare journey, where customer experience has rarely ever been a priority or even a seeming consideration..
  • Covid dramatically accelerated the urgency to create socially distanced, safer, faster waiting room experiences, and challenge previous system givens..
  • I interviewed, Harry Prasad, CEO and founder of Yosi Health, who studied how common practices with in-person healthcare activities relating to data collection, insurance coverage and billing were negatively affecting the patient experience and adding unnecessary costs..
  • While the team was familiar with the pain points, seeing it in action and understanding the frustration from the perspectives of both patients and administrators was vital for developing improved technology..
  • Speaking to both patients and medical office workers highlighted the kiosks caused more even work and time to help patients use them..
  • Yosi Health developed a software system to change the experience for patients, medical providers, and insurance companies..
  • The software is secure and easy for patients to use, and its fully customizable for each practice needs using the SaaS platform, so clinics can achieve individual goals..
  • It a more contemporary patient experience because it uses texting extensively to transmit vital information, with no need to create a portal account or download an app..
  • With a smartphone, any patient can use a qr code, snap pictures of their id/insurance cards, fill out and sign forms, and pay with a credit card..
  • They no longer need to do it in the office, thereby reducing contact with the staff, and clipboards, kiosks, tablets and credit card machines that other touch, and they can wait outside the office until it their turn to come in..
  • Below are the key steps in the new patient journey and how Yosi Health software is improving and expediting the experience for all parties involved..
  • · Patients came to waiting rooms and handed over their insurance card · Patients scan their card (similar to depositing a check) while pre-registering at home · Staff runs all verification before patient’s appointment and calls them if needed · Patient arrives confident knowing the visit will not be cancelled · Patient pre-registers at home, scans id/insurance card, makes payment · No waiting time – Patients seeks care with no administrative work necessary · Patient fills out their medical history and health conditions every visit on forms/clipboards · Key screening assessments (mental health, anxiety) not conducted due to administrative burden – Thousands of dollars in lost revenue per day · Doctors fill out a lot of things in the patient medical record (76% of those surveyed hate this) · Patients update their health history and complete all clinical assessment at home · All their information from prior visit is saved – so they do not have to keep repeating the same information · Allows them the privacy, time and convenience to complete the health assessments well · For Doctors:.
  • All information is securely transferred into the medical record eliminating unnecessary and error prone transcription from typing and clicks · For Patients:.
  • A meaningful health visit with more accurate diagnoses and more time with providers · Patients are often confused, unclear, feel over-billed and frustrated · Clinics are often getting their claims rejected, not reimbursed · Collecting patient-side payments are often challenging after the patient leaves · Patients have the option to pay their past due balance and co-pays from their phone at home with a credit card · Payment text notifications are sent – so no chasing after the patient is needed To envision an overall, better customer experience, products/services/brands/institutions must make the time and effort to:…

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