Migraines: Seven signs that signal your headache could be life-threatening – expert advice

migraines seven signs that signal your headache could be life threatening expert advice

Sumary of Migraines: Seven signs that signal your headache could be life-threatening – expert advice:

  • uk caught up with GP doctor Ross Perry, medical Director of Cosmedics, who explained which red flags for recognising that a headache is potentially life-threatening.
  • 7 natural remedies for migrainesConcerns about headaches have picked up significantly since the condition was officially recognised as a symptom of COVID-19. Though patients regularly present to emergency departments seeking relief from migraines that cause significant pain, 90 percent of cases are considered benign.
  • Warning signs The vast majority of headaches are considered “primary” headaches, which in medical terms means the condition isn’t linked to an underlying condition.
  • However, health bodies stress that it is crucial to identify the remaining 10 percent of headache patients in danger of having a life-threatening disorder.
  • Dr Perry explained: “You need to seek medical attention immediately if you have any of the following symptoms alongside your headache;
  • “Although secondary headaches are rare, they require prompt diagnosis and treatment, as delays can have a mortality rate approaching 50 percent.

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