My elderly mum is angry and lonely. What can I do? | Annalisa Barbieri

my elderly mum is angry and lonely what can i do annalisa barbieri

Sumary of My elderly mum is angry and lonely. What can I do? | Annalisa Barbieri:

  • Every phone call with her usually ends with her sobbing or getting angry.
  • My sister was always Mum’s favourite, but she lives abroad and isn’t in touch that much, so I feel as if I have the main responsibility.
  • I had a chat with both Age UK and Jane Hetherington (psychotherapy.
  • The first port of call is her GP, to get her checked over and see what’s available to help her, both physically – with occupational therapy/physio – and emotionally.
  • Both my specialists this week pointed out that your mum could also benefit from behavioural family talking therapy.
  • Age UK said you can self-refer (put IAPT – Improving Access to Psychological Therapies – plus your mum’s area into Google).
  • Remember that the Age UK website has lots of useful information and its helpline is a great source of support: 0800 055 6112. You can also email via the website.
  • Is your mum struggling to dial numbers or hear on the phone?

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