Online CBT workshop improves postpartum depression during COVID-19 pandemic

Sumary of Online CBT workshop improves postpartum depression during COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Back to Healio An online 1-day cognitive behavioral therapy-based workshop improved outcomes among women with postpartum depression during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to results of a randomized clinical trial published in JAMA Psychiatry.
  • Van Lieshout, MD, PhD, associate professor in the department of psychiatry and behavioral neurosciences at McMaster University in Canada, told Healio Psychiatry.
  • ” Specifically, Van Lieshout and colleagues sought to determine whether the online 1-day CBT-based workshop combined with treatment as usual improved postpartum depression (PPD), anxiety, social support, mother-infant relationship quality and infant temperament more than solely treatment as usual.
  • The researchers randomly assigned 202 participants to a live, interactive online 1-day CBT-based workshop conducted by a registered psychotherapist, psychiatrist or clinical psychology graduate student combined with treatment as usual and 201 to treatment as usual who were wait-listed to receive the workshop 12 weeks later.
  • Results showed an association between the workshop and a significant mean reduction in EPDS scores from 16.47 to 11.65 (P <
  • The workshop also correlated with higher odds of showing a clinically significant decrease in EPDS scores (OR = 4.15;
  • Mean GAD-7 scores decreased from 12,41 to 7.97 following the workshop (P <

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