Pandemic frustrations boil to surface as B.C. government posts ‘self-care bingo card’


“This is some next level gaslighting.”

“This is just depressing.”

“People are dying!”

Comments ridden with frustration and anger flooded Twitter on Friday after the province posted a pandemic “self-care bingo card” suggesting ways that B.C. residents can care for their mental health during the pandemic.

The graphic was accompanied by the message “self-care can help manage some stress & anxiety during #CovidBC. Identify how you’ve taken care of yourself so far this week with the goal to complete a row, column, or diagonal.”

Squares on the bingo card include activities like “went for a walk,” “got off social media,” “cleaned something,” and “got stuff done.” The centre square, usually the free square in a game of bingo, says “Cried. Let it out.”

The graphic triggered hundreds of responses, with the thread becoming a space where people shared the ways their mental health and quality of life have spiralled since the start of the pandemic.

People detailed that over the past year they had lost loved ones, lost employment, been evicted from their homes, and burned through their life savings as they tried to stay afloat. Responses ranged from obscenity-laden rantings

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