Post-illness symptoms like long Covid are probably more common than we think | Megan Hosey

post illness symptoms like long covid are probably more common than we think megan hosey

Sumary of Post-illness symptoms like long Covid are probably more common than we think | Megan Hosey:

  • In recent months, long Covid has received a great deal of media and public attention.
  • Research has found that as many as one in four of those infected with Covid – perhaps millions of people in the US alone – suffer from chronic long-term symptoms, including headaches, dizziness, abdominal pain, heart problems, fatigue, anxiety, depression, cognitive impairment and other conditions.
  • At the same time, it is important to realize that rather than being a strange special case, long Covid is probably part of a broader phenomenon that affects many more people.
  • In recent years, doctors and researchers have increasingly realized that many of those who survive an illness of any kind, or who go through serious physical trauma, are at high risk for a range of debilitating and chronic physical, cognitive and mental health symptoms – problems that closely resemble long Covid.
  • Seen in this context, it’s not at all surprising that many patients infected with Covid find themselves dealing with an array of persistent health problems.
  • This is not to minimize long Covid in any way, but simply to put it in a broader context.
  • One non-Covid study found that a year after hospitalization, a third of patients with severe respiratory failure or shock had significant cognitive impairment.
  • Another found that between a quarter and a third of patients who were treated in the ICU had significant and long-lasting symptoms of anxiety, depression or PTSD.

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