Potential biomarkers of coagulopathy and disease severity in COVID-19

potential biomarkers of coagulopathy and disease severity in covid 19

Sumary of Potential biomarkers of coagulopathy and disease severity in COVID-19:

  • Not only do patients display impaired fibrinolysis, but also platelet aggregation, inflammation, and microthrombi.
  • Understanding this pathology could help healthcare workers treat these symptoms, often associated with low survival levels in severe COVID-19 patients.
  • Study: Plasma biomarkers associated with survival and thrombosis in hospitalized COVID-19 patients.
  • To further explore this phenomenon, scientists have investigated the presence of specific biomarkers in hospitalized COVID-19 patients.
  • A preprint version of the study is available on the medRxiv* server while the article undergoes peer review.
  • The study The study included 63 patients showing positive PCR test results for COVID-19 and 43 healthy/non-infected individuals as controls.
  • Forty-seven of the infected group had progressed to severe COVID-19, requiring admission to the ICU and showing symptoms such as shock, respiratory distress, and multiorgan dysfunction.
  • The remaining patients were hospitalized, but not severe, although one did require mechanical ventilation.

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