Ranvir Singh ‘deflated’ after ‘sizzling’ dance with Giovanni as pair showcas …

Ranvir Singh 'deflated' after 'sizzling' dance with Giovanni as pair showcase 'intensity'

Ranvir and Giovanni clearly impressed the Strictly Come Dancing judges this evening, with the pair scooping a total score of 27 out of a potential 30 following their dance routine to When Doves Cry by Prince. The visibly impressed judges dished out scores of eight, nine and 10, meaning the pair took third place on this week’s scoreboard.

As fans watched the latest Strictly Come Dancing performances this evening, body language expert Judi James was studying the body language of contestants and their dance partners.

Sharing her analysis with Express.co.uk, Judi said it was Ranvir and Giovanni who had the best chemistry on the dance floor this evening.

She said: “Ranvir needs to drop any inhibitions about the dreaded ‘Curse of Strictly’ and just marinate in the sexual sparks that the pair are able to produce out there on the dance floor instead, because wherever they sit on the leader board they are the only couple currently producing the kind of chemistry that will make us bored, Saturday-night-in-lockdown viewers stop mid-dunk with our biscuits and tea and sit staring open-mouthed at the sizzle produced on the screen.

“Even a glimpse of the couple in rehearsal was enough to showcase the intensity between them when they dance together.

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“Ranvir’s lack of body confidence might have shown as she over-launched politely into their lift rather than letting Giovanni do all the work, but the moment when they froze together at the end of their routine with their lips almost crushed together in a kiss was magical.”

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