Rudeness leads to anchoring, including in medical diagnoses


Sumary of Rudeness leads to anchoring, including in medical diagnoses:

  • Minor rude events like this happen frequently, and you may be surprised by the magnitude of the effects they have on our decision-making and functioning..
  • In fact, recent research co-authored by management professor Trevor Foulk at the University of Maryland’s Robert H..
  • forthcoming in the Journal of Applied Psychology, Foulk and co-authors Binyamin Cooper of Carnegie Mellon University, Christopher R..
  • Berg of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital looked at how experiencing rudeness amplifies the “anchoring bias.”.
  • The anchoring bias can happen in a lot of different situations, but it’s very common in medical diagnoses and negotiations..
  • Because anchoring can happen in many scenarios, Foulk and his co-authors wanted to study more about the phenomenon and what factors exacerbate or mitigate it..
  • They have been studying rudeness in the workplace for years and knew from previous studies that when people experience rudeness, it takes up a lot of their psychological resources and narrows their mindset..
  • “What we find is that when they experienced rudeness prior to the simulation starting, they kept on treating the wrong thing, even in the presence of consistent information that it was actually something else,”…

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