Scientists develop tougher, safer bicycle helmets using new plastic material

scientists develop tougher safer bicycle helmets using new plastic material

Sumary of Scientists develop tougher, safer bicycle helmets using new plastic material:

  • As cities worldwide expand their networks of cycling paths and more cyclists take to the streets, the chances of cycling accidents and potential collisions increase as well, underscoring the need for proper cycling safety in dense urban areas.
  • Researchers from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), in collaboration with French specialty materials leader Arkema, have developed a tougher, safer bicycle helmet using a combination of materials.
  • The new thermoplastic resin, named Elium®, was developed by Arkema, one of NTU’s industry partners.
  • The NTU team worked with Arkema engineers to develop a moulding process for Elium® to manufacture stronger bicycle helmets.
  • “Our partnership with Arkema is driven by the desire to develop a new type of helmet that is stronger and safer for cyclists,” said Assoc Prof Leong.
  • ” The findings by the research team were published in the peer-reviewed journal Composites Part B: Engineering in May.
  • Beneath it is a layer of expanded polystyrene foam — the same material used in product packaging and takeaway boxes.
  • Safety forged on the anvils of NTU The researchers tested their helmets by driving them down at high speeds on three different types of anvils — flat, hemispherical (rounded), and curbstone (pyramid-shaped) — to simulate different road conditions.

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