Study analyzes factors that contribute to employee stress in the critical care environment

Sumary of Study analyzes factors that contribute to employee stress in the critical care environment:

  • Reducing the negative psychological impacts on critical care staff can have a range of positive outcomes, including improved job satisfaction and a higher quality of patient care.
  • Kate Grailey from the at Imperial College London, UK, along with her colleagues, conducted a study of the factors in the workplace environment that contribute to employee stress in critical care units.
  • A comprises various factors including the physical space itself and its conditions and facilities, the social interactions and atmosphere, the support and recognition an employee receives, and the processes and procedures of the organisation.
  • The critical care workplace can be a challenging and fast-paced environment with its ongoing need to provide exemplary care for the sickest patients in the hospital.
  • ” Kate Grailey, Imperial College London, UK Moreover, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the profile of critical care has been raised, highlighting the role it plays in the delivery of a functioning healthcare system.
  • Nevertheless, critical care units remain faced with substantial challenges, such as limited resources, and organisational problems that can lead to elevated job demands and stress.
  • Grailey and her colleagues recruited participants from a cross-section of professional disciplines and seniority who worked at three critical care units in a London healthcare trust.
  • This model holds that stress is highest when staff are faced with a high workload and a lack of control over their tasks and conduct (also known as low ”).

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