Study explores why asthma worsens at night

study explores why asthma worsens at night

Sumary of Study explores why asthma worsens at night:

  • For hundreds of years, people have observed that asthma severity often worsens in the nighttime.
  • One longstanding question has been to what degree the body’s internal circadian clock — as opposed to behaviors, such as sleep and physical activities — contributes to worsening of asthma severity.
  • Science University have pinned down the influence of the circadian system, uncovering a key role for the biological clock in asthma.
  • Understanding the mechanisms that influence asthma severity could have important implications for both studying and treating asthma.
  • Shea, PhD, professor and director at Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences added, “We observed that those people who have the worst asthma in general are the ones who suffer from the greatest circadian-induced drops in pulmonary function at night, and also had the greatest changes induced by behaviors, including sleep.
  • We also found that these results are clinically important because, when studied in the laboratory, symptom-driven bronchodilator inhaler use was as much as four times more often during the circadian night than during the day.
  • ” As many as 75 percent of people with asthma — 20 million people in the U.S. — report experiencing worsening asthma severity at night.

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