Study finds surprising source of social influence

study finds surprising source of social influence

Sumary of Study finds surprising source of social influence:

  • Should you send the product to Kim Kardashian in the hope that she’ll love it and spread the word to her legions of Instagram followers?
  • However, a forthcoming study in the journal Nature Communications finds that as prominent and revered as social influencers seem to be, in fact, they are unlikely to change a person’s behavior by example — and might actually be detrimental to the cause.
  • So what strategy do we take if we want to use an online or real world neighborhood network to ‘plant’ a new idea?
  • Is there anyone in a social network who is effective at transmitting new beliefs?
  • To stimulate a shift in thinking, target small groups of people in the “outer edge” or fringe of a network.
  • , a recent Annenberg graduate, studied over 400 public health networks to discover which people could spread new ideas and behaviors most effectively.
  • They tested every possible person in every network to determine who would be most effective for spreading everything from celebrity gossip to vaccine acceptance.
  • “Dozens of algorithms that are currently used by enterprises seeking to spread new ideas are based on the fallacy that everything spreads virally,” says Centola.

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