Renee Singh

Life is a miracle and most of the stress is self created. Miracles happen all the time, all over the world. Humanity is one race and all experiences are common in terms of their creation in our lives. It is our own thinking that is leading us towards our destiny. As a person thinks, his subconscious mind functions on the same wavelength. On this very truth is dependent his reality.

All individuals have a different thinking process, and it is because of this reality that there are different personality types. One person could be fearful and shaky; on the other hand another could be super confident. One person could be kind and religious; another could be the complete opposite. There never seems to be a logical explanation as to why people think differently.

My personal take on the answers to the secrets of life, is that there is a power in the universe that lifts you from the misery to feeling beautiful and joyous. This is the power that severs your bondage from misery and puts you on to the road to happiness.

Conquer fear

It is a basic human weakness to allow too much of fear to control the mind. You need to conquer this fear and not allow it to take control of your life and colour all your actions. There is an infinite healing power hidden deep inside of every human being. This power actually resides in our own subconscious.

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