US sprinter Gabby Thomas said the 'drastic' post-Olympic crash was 'the most shocking …

us sprinter gabby thomas said the drastic post olympic crash was the most shocking part of her tokyo experience

Sumary of US sprinter Gabby Thomas said the 'drastic' post-Olympic crash was 'the most shocking part' of her Tokyo experience:

  • Post-Olympic crashes and other mental health issues are common and increasingly discussed.
  • “That actually may have been the most shocking part of the entire thing,” said Thomas, who talked to Insider through her partnership with “healthy soda” brand Olipop.
  • She studied neurology and global health at Harvard, and plans to graduate with a master’s in epidemiology and health care management from the University of Texas at Austin in 2022.She’s said she’s driven by her brothers’ mental-health conditions and her desire to reduce healthcare disparities.
  • ” Olympians may be also be especially vulnerable to mental health issues due to their innate natures, public and financial pressures, a lack of identity outside of sport, and a lack of mental-health resources, the film contends.
  • “Being an Olympian is advertised as this amazing thing, and they leave out all of the side effects,” including eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation, figure skater Gracie Gold said in the film.

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