Virtual consultations are ‘unsafe’ – Queen’s former doctor demands GPs see p …

virtual consultations are unsafe queens former doctor demands gps see patients again

Sumary of Virtual consultations are ‘unsafe’ – Queen’s former doctor demands GPs see patients again:

  • “It is sad so many appointments have gone online because you can miss important health information you cannot get from a virtual consultation and this can be unsafe.
  • “However, for many people, especially those who are older or with multiple health problems, this can be problematic.
  • “This is more likely to work than an unwisely worded government diktat which raises the hackles of NHS staff.
  • “I don’t deny there is a problem, but that problem lies with successive governments,” Prof Marshall said.
  • “We have a rise in consultations as since restrictions were eased, we have the vaccination and now booster programmes as well as looking after the patients with long Covid and the growing numbers with mental health and financial problems.
  • ”Senior coroner for Greater Manchester Alison Mutch has raised her concerns with officials, including the Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, and NHS England, in a series of reports aimed at preventing future tragedies.
  • She said doctors missed important details in telephone appointments that may have been spotted if they were seen face to face.
  • A fifth patient, who was a frail elderly man with various severe underlying healthconditions, died after breaking a bone that wasn’t spotted by hospital doctors and his GP in a telephone consultation.

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