We can expect more COVID drugs next year. But we’ve wasted so much time getting here

we can expect more covid drugs next year but weve wasted so much time getting here

Sumary of We can expect more COVID drugs next year. But we’ve wasted so much time getting here:

  • Several COVID drugs are in the pipeline for 2022, some you can potentially take at home, others for use in hospital.
  • However, as we argue in our paper, with more and larger collaborations, and focusing on repurposing the right drugs, we could have developed effective COVID drugs at scale, earlier.
  • Here are some more First, some good news One recent study found a commonly prescribed drug for depression, fluvoxamine, given to people diagnosed with COVID-19 reduced their chance of symptoms deteriorating, needing to go to hospital, and dying.
  • It was based on: an existing human drug: drugs designed for another purpose can have extra therapeutic benefits.
  • However, this example is the exception rather than the rule when it comes to finding COVID drugs.
  • This involves treating the body’s overwhelming response to the virus and the cause of most death and disease.
  • However, we didn’t see any major strategy to “treat the host” in the early part of the pandemic, except with the decades-old corticosteroid drugs dexamethasone and budesonide.
  • Focusing more on “treating the host” would have bought us time to produce vaccines and antiviral drugs, which typically take longer to develop.

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