West Africa: “COVID-19 Pandemic Has Led Us To Rethink Our Strategy” – Nathalie Gab …

West Africa: "COVID-19 Pandemic Has Led Us To Rethink Our Strategy" - Nathalie Gabala, Mastercard Foundation

The Mastercard Foundation is committed to supporting economic recovery programs in Africa to enable states to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. On the first French edition of “Dialogue For the Future” conversations, Nathalie Akon Gabala, Mastercard Foundation’s Regional Head for West, Central and North Africa, joins AllAfrica co-founder and executive chair Amadou Mahtar Ba to delve into the Foundation’s work and partnerships in West Africa. She goes into detail about the resilience programs the Foundation is implementing on the continent, the place of education in the its Young Africa Works strategy and the importance of digital technologies in Africa’s ongoing recovery effort from the COVID-19 pandemic.    

What is the impact across the continent of the recovery and resilience program of the Covid-19 of the Mastercard Foundation?

We launched this economic stimulus and resilience program in March 2020. The first objective was to respond to the health emergency not only with the supply of health and safety equipment, but also by supporting healthcare workers in the various communities.

The second objective was to support the economic resilience of individuals and communities. Pertaining to this second objective, we detailed our intervention on three levels.  The first is to support MSMEs, which represent a large part of the economy of most African countries.

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The second is to contribute to the strengthening of digital solutions in sectors such as education, health and trade.…

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