What are subliminals? Stay abreast on this rising self-help trend

what are subliminals stay abreast on this rising self help trend

Sumary of What are subliminals? Stay abreast on this rising self-help trend:

  • These video or audio messages, set to rhythmic music and positive affirmations, are known to boost the mood, and motivate its consumers.
  • These messages act as stimuli, in the form of sounds or images.
  • Another feature is that subliminals are often presented as faint or quick audio-video messages, which make them hard to perceive.
  • The idea is to subliminally (existing or functioning below the threshold of consciousness) stimulate the brain, and positively impact thoughts and behavior Subliminals are often used to boost morale, reduce stress levels, quit smoking, and manage weight.
  • As per research published by the journal The Arts in Psychotherapy, music has the ability to lower cortisol levels, thereby reducing stress.
  • These beats aid in slowing the pulse and heart rate, lower blood pressure, and decrease the levels of stress hormones.

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