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जगभरातील माहिती & कर्करोगाच्या उपचारांबद्दलच्या आणि टीपापासून बचाव करण्याच्या बातम्यांमधे फुफ्फुसांचा कर्करोगाचा समावेश आहे, स्तनाचा कर्करोग, फुफ्फुसाचा कर्करोग, त्वचेचा कर्करोग, पुर: स्थ कर्करोग इ, आयवेलर कर्करोगाच्या आरोग्य सेवेची माहिती प्रेमाने सामायिक करते.

Prognostic model identifies patients with CLL at risk for ibrutinib failure

A four-factor prognostic model identified patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia who had poorer survival outcomes with ibrutinib, according to study results published in Journal of Clinical Oncology.Because outcomes of patients with CLL are variable, this model may be used

Stomach cancer: Indigestion and acid reflux symptoms could be warning signs

STOMACH cancer: With the Christmas season upon us, so is the start of overindulgence. It’s normal for a person to feel slight discomfort after a particular meal or drink, however large levels of discomfort which persists and causes acid


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