‘Baby brain’ is real and could have long-term impacts. Should parents be worried?

baby brain is real and could have long term impacts should parents be worried

Sumary of ‘Baby brain’ is real and could have long-term impacts. Should parents be worried?:

  • When Toronto-based mom Diel Gerber was first pregnant, she thought ‘baby brain’ was just thing parents say, an excuse for their forgetfulness.
  • Photo supplied Dubbed ‘pregnancy brain’ ‘baby brain’ or ‘mom brain,’ it’s a frustrating side-effect of having a child for many parents.
  • ‘BABY BRAIN’ IS REAL “It’s definitely a real thing,” said Jennifer Brooks, an associate professor of epidemiology at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, speaking about baby brain.
  • ” EFFECTS OF ‘BABY BRAIN’ While it may be scary for moms to read about a loss of cognition, Galea said it’s not as worrisome as it may seem.
  • ” Trending Stories Canadian travellers frustrated as U.S. cruise lines won’t recognize mixing-and-matching COVID-19 vaccines B.
  • ”Mittal said the severity of ‘baby brain’ could also be related to factors such as sleep deprivation due to a newborn, stress or postpartum depression.
  • Some experts have also theorized the possibility, for some, baby brain may instead manifests as late-diagnosed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.
  • Story continues below Symptoms can include lack of attention, lack of concentration, disorganization, difficulty completing tasks, being forgetful, and losing things.

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