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By Jane Kingsu Cheng

Filipinos can be quite attached to memorable events, whether intimate or global in scale. They can be very emotional that they end up naming children after celebrities or literary characters or Luzviminda after the three major islands of the Philippines or Yolanda after the historic typhoon. Sounds very familiar?

So it isn’t a surprise that a couple has just given their newborn baby girl the nicknames Corona and Coviah.

Hotelier John Joseph Quinquito, 34, and manager Karen Vega Perez, 29, have been married for two years when they finally decided to start a family. They welcomed their baby girl on March 18 this year.

Mommy Karen Vega Perez with her newborn girl baby Corona

Karen gave birth to their firstborn via caesarean section, giving her the name Zariyah Saige QuinQuito—“Zariyah means a blooming flower, and Saige means wise and healthy.” Karen revealed that the idea for the nicknames started from the funny comments from their doctors and nurses.

“Timely, it’s covid season.” When asked how their family and friends reacted to this, “It was divided between the oldies finding it irritating and the rest who would say ‘seryoso?’ They just laughed and agreed.”

Karen also shares that, like their family, baby Corona is doing well, weighing almost four kilograms. “She is a blessing in the midst of this chaos, and I hope we find a cure for the virus. She remains healthy, and I am sure she has a bright future ahead of her,” ends Karen.

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