Biden tells Republicans threatening to sue over vaccine mandate: ‘Have at it’ – as it happened

biden tells republicans threatening to sue over vaccine mandate have at it as it happened

Sumary of Biden tells Republicans threatening to sue over vaccine mandate: ‘Have at it’ – as it happened:

  • The Biden administration appealed a ruling from a US district court judge who put the Daca program on pause in July.
  • The US Department of Education is investigating Florida’s ban on mask mandates in schools, citing its potential for discrimination against students with disabilities.
  • Jacob Chansley — the so-called QAnon Shaman — will have to await sentencing for his part in the Capitol Riot after a federal judge denied his request for pre-trial release.
  • Chansley, who was pictured wearing horns on his head as he stormed the building, pleaded guilty to obstructing an official proceeding last week.
  • US Capitol rioter photographed wearing horns pleads guilty A federal appeals court struck down Tennessee’s controversial abortion law, ruling that the ban on the procedure after a fetal heartbeat can be detected — near the six-week mark — was “constitutionally unsound”.
  • com/a3PWIGfB6Y September 10, 2021 Tennessee’s controversial abortion law was blocked by a federal appeals court today, ruling that the measure was “constitutionally unsound”.
  • “Although this circuit’s recent—and alarming—decisions have broadened the extent to which the government may impede a person’s constitutional right to choose whether to carry a pregnancy to term, the law remains clear that if a regulation is a substantial obstacle to a woman seeking an abortion, it is invalid,” the court said in the ruling.
  • Lawrence Hurley (@lawrencehurley) Appeals court strikes down Tennessee abortion restrictions, with Judge Thapar (a Trump appointee) writing lengthy partial dissent taking aim at Roe v.

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