Cool Princess Party

Amanda Griffin

When the sequel of Frozen was released and we watched it, my daughter Lila exclaimed, “I need a Frozen 2 birthday party!” So I set to work and plan an everything-Frozen 2 party she would adore. She was adamant that every detail must be the sequel, and not Frozen 1. Those of you with little girls probably know just how nitpicky they can be.

When I have parties in Singapore, I do everything myself. I don’t hire party planners (too mahal!) My events here are much more relaxed, DIY, and infused with much love and sweat for my (demanding) celebrants. I have to admit, I do have fun putting them together even if they don’t look quite as stylish or pulled together as our Manila bashes.

I still go to my trusted suppliers in Manila and haul everything back in my suitcase. For Lila’s birthday I asked @partystartersph to make Lila’s Frozen banner—she chose all the still images from the movie to be featured. For the giveaways, @insta_mug provided their chic reusable personalized water bottles for Lila and her friends. They were such a hit at my youngest Kyle’s first birthday party, that I thought the Singapore crew would love them. I wanted to minimize plastic waste (no toys that would be used once and then thrown away) and unhealthy sugary treats, so the water bottle was the perfect giveaway that promotes reusable bottles. I probably wasn’t the most popular party mom with the kids, but the parents did appreciate it.

‘ALL IS FOUND’ Birthday girl Lila in her Frozen-inspired gown and cake

I bought a Frozen 2 party set online.…

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