‘Cords of death encompass me; Lord, save me!’

cords of death encompass me lord save me

Sumary of ‘Cords of death encompass me; Lord, save me!’:

  • – Psalm 116:1-4Would God allow people going to church during the pandemic to get sick and die?
  • Marian visionary, film and TV producer, and prayer warrior Baby Nebrida asked that question when she met with the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID).
  • She wanted to address the spiritual deprivation of countless believers with no Mass, communion and confession, to give people hope amid fears of Covid-19 and struggles with recession and restrictions.
  • Lockdown is easing, just to get people and businesses rising from immense losses, prompting one expert’s warning that the contagion could get out of control.
  • For most people, even in Christian nations like ours, there is little or none of the staunch faith in the face of threats and tribulations, which the Prophet Isaiah expressed in the first Sunday Mass reading today (Is: 50:4-9):”The Lord is my help;

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