Fact check: COVID-19 vaccines are not causing a rise in stillbirths in Canada

fact check covid 19 vaccines are not causing a rise in stillbirths in canada

Sumary of Fact check: COVID-19 vaccines are not causing a rise in stillbirths in Canada:

  • A conspiracy theory circulating online claims stillbirths are rising in Canada after women receive the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • The baseless claims of a rise in fetal deaths across the country began circulating in recent weeks, bolstered by unverified statistics shared on social media and in videos by former medical professionals, whose qualifications have been stripped for touting misinformation.
  • But Global News has gathered data from the hospitals in question and has found that the recorded number of stillbirths is a minuscule fraction of what anti-vaccine protestors claim.
  • ’s ICUs are young pregnant women The genesis of the stillbirths conspiracy theory appears to be a video from a rally outside the North Vancouver RCMP office in British Columbia on Nov.
  • 11, spearheaded by retired family physician Mel Bruchet along with Daniel Nagase, a former fill-in doctor who was relieved of his duties after administering patients with an unapproved COVID-19 vaccine.
  • ”The video shows protesters spreading disinformation about COVID-19. In one clip, Bruchet describes talking with an unnamed individual, who spoke to a number of unnamed doulas, who told him there had been 13 stillbirths in an unspecified 24-hour period at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver.
  • Story continues below In the previous year, there were 3,299 births and 11 stillbirths.
  • North Vancouver’s Lions Gate Hospital is at the centre of a conspiracy theory around stillbirths.

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