Fetal Infection With COVID-19 Possible, But Unlikely

fetal infection with covid 19 possible but unlikely

Sumary of Fetal Infection With COVID-19 Possible, But Unlikely:

  • To find out if and how the virus could pass from an infected pregnant women to her fetus, the team examined various fetal organs and placenta tissue for two cell surface protein receptors (ACE2 and TMPRSS2) needed by the virus to infect cells and spread.
  • The only fetal organs with both of the receptors are the intestines and the kidney, but a fetus’ kidney is anatomically protected from exposure to the virus and therefore at little risk of infection.
  • However, the placenta acts as a natural barrier, and with the limited evidence of amniotic fluid containing the virus, our study should provide reassurance to mothers,” added study co-author Dr. Paolo De Coppi, a professor at UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health.
  • The greatest risk to the fetus during pregnancy is if the mother becomes seriously ill with COVID, the authors note.

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