Throughout his youth until adulthood, Dad has been consistent in dedicating all his time and energy to his work. Growing up poor (after his grandfather, a prominent businessman, died in the ‘70s), making a living was not a choice, but a means of survival. So, for his birthday, when I asked Dad to reflect on his biggest milestones, I was expecting it would be related somehow to the legacy he continues to sustain and grow until today—being Dioceldo Sy, president and CEO to the top local color cosmetics company, Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc., or even as the team owner for PBA Basketball team Blackwater Elite.

I was wrong. To my surprise, he told me that, at 62, he celebrates the success of having provided for and raised his children to grow up with proper values. Dad hasn’t been the luckiest when it comes to finding suitable life partners—he and my mom have never truly gotten along. Dad prides himself, however, in being a good father for providing me and my siblings the privileges he was unable to afford at our age.

Appreciating Family

His birthday wish is simple. “I want to see my six children all complete their education. Next, I want to see them learn the value of hard work and become independent. Then, finally, I hope to help them find their better halves, and envision a family life for them that I wasn’t able to enjoy completely.

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