Mum gives birth after hidden pregnancy

mum gives birth after hidden pregnancy

Sumary of Mum gives birth after hidden pregnancy:

  • Karla Akuhata had struggled to conceive for years – but had the surprise of her life when her “period” cramps turned out to be a baby.
  • About 15 minutes later, Ms Akuhata gave birth to son Tamarangi, right there on the bedroom floor.
  • She had also added a few kilos recently – perhaps five – and her pants tightened in the week or two leading up to the birth, but she didn‘t have a “pregnant belly”.
  • No one around her – including family and close friends – had said they thought she was pregnant, Ms Akuhata said.
  • British woman Klara Dollan‘s story is among those – making headlines two years ago in the UK.Despite being in pain, the then 22-year-old had been due to start her first day in a new job and so took the bus and train to work – unaware she was pregnant – before quickly returning home and giving birth on her bathroom floor.
  • She gave birth to a baby in late February 2019, before being rushed to hospital again 26 days later after feeling pain and not knowing why.
  • Highly unlikely to be pregnant: Ms Akuhata Back in New Zealand, Ms Akuhata had thought it wasn‘t possible – or at least highly unlikely – for her to get pregnant again, and so hadn’t considered it at all.
  • She gave birth to her other son 15 years ago, but even then it had been difficult to get pregnant.

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