Mum slammed for breastfeeding 5-year-old

Mum slammed for breastfeeding 5-year-old

A mum has been accused of sexually abusing her children for practising extended breastfeeding for more than five years.

Gaëlle Meheut, 36, from Port-Vila, Vanuatu, was breastfed until she was three-months-old and when she fell pregnant with her first child, Ewen, 5, she didn’t have any plans to breastfeed him for an extended period of time.

She explained: “Before having kids I never imagined breastfeeding for so long or even at all for that matter.

media_camera“Before having kids I never imagined breastfeeding for so long or even at all for that matter.” Picture: MDWfeatures/Groovy Banana

“In France, the average duration of breastfeeding is seventeen weeks and we even mentioned bottle feeding our first baby so that Benoît could share precious moments as well.

“It [breastfeeding] came very naturally at birth. I didn’t even have any formula and there wasn’t any at the hospital here so I was lucky it ‘worked.’

“My midwife whispered into my ear that some people were shocked when they knew four year old children who were still breastfeeding and that she had breastfed her child until age four.

“I only read about all the benefits of breastfeeding after having started my breastfeeding journey and I don’t really have plans to stop as I hadn’t planned it before.”

Gaëlle and Benoît are also parents to daughter, Maia, 3, who is breastfed.

Gaëlle has been breastfeeding for five years and three months in total and she even practices tandem feeding with Ewen and Maia.…

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