Pot Might Impair a Woman’s Fertility: Study



WEDNESDAY, Jan. 13, 2021 — Though using marijuana for medical or recreational reasons is legal in a growing number of U.S. states, it may come with some unexpected side effects.

A new study found that women who use cannabis may be reducing their fertility.

“Cannabis use has continued to climb. More and more states have legalized it in recent years,” said Sunni Mumford, an investigator at the U.S. National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. “There’s an overall perception that it’s safe, but there’s really not a lot of research done on how it affects fertility.”

The researchers found that study participants who used cannabis while trying to conceive were 41% less likely to succeed during each monthly cycle than those who hadn’t used cannabis during that time. About 42% of marijuana users became pregnant during the study period compared to 66% of women who didn’t use the drug.

“We found that the women who used cannabis while they were trying to get pregnant, they had reduced fecundability, which basically means that it took them longer to get pregnant,” said Mumford, whose research focus is on how diet and lifestyle factors influence fertility. “And this was even though they reported having more intercourse, so it seemed like there was something more biologic going on.”

The study authors said their results suggest that women trying to conceive should be cautious about cannabis use.

The study asked women to self-report cannabis use, but also asked them to provide urine samples when they entered the study and after six months or after becoming pregnant.…

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