She Slays: I had to get a hysterectomy to tame my PCOD

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Back in 1987, when I got my periods at the age of 10, my family was slightly shocked. Ten was considered too early to start your menstruation cycle. However, thankfully, my mother, who went through a lot of menstrual problems herself, was knowledgeable enough to guide me through the process.

My brief introduction to PCOD All seemed okay until two years later when my periods got irregular, and showed, what I now know, the first sign of PCOD: polycystic ovary disease.

My mother took me to a gynaecologist who introduced us to the term PCOD. However, he did not bother explaining the issue to us in detail, perhaps thinking that I was too young, or that my family would not react too well to such a ‘problem’. I remember he had put a question mark on my file, perhaps wondering himself, if I had the condition or would most likely develop it in the future. 

Do you know, that you can get your PCOD under control with the help of Ayurveda? Image courtesy: Shutterstock

All was rosy until I had irregular periods Twelve-year-old me couldn’t care less, and up until I turned 18. I suddenly saw my period cycle reducing from five to two days. Honestly, I felt blessed — only two days of dealing with the pain. I had no clue that this was again a symptom of what was to come.…

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Author: nikita bhardwaj

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