What causes breast milk to turn pink? Experts elucidate

what causes breast milk to turn pink experts elucidate

Sumary of What causes breast milk to turn pink? Experts elucidate:

  • From menstruation to childbirth and breastfeeding, a woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes, which may vary from one person to another.
  • So was the case with a new mother, who recently took to TikTok to share how her breast milk turned pink, after six weeks of childbirth.
  • “Nobody told me that whenever I had a baby, that if I chose to breastfeed, my milk would come in an array of colours,” she said in a now-viral video that has been viewed by over 10 million users.
  • Breast milk is usually yellow, white, clear, cream, tan, or blue-tinged.
  • However, at some point during the breastfeeding experience, one may be surprised to find that breast milk can be in other colours as well, experts say, depending on what one eats on a regular basis.
  • It may turn ink, orange, or red-tinged occur after having natural foods like beetroot, or orange fruit drinks, said Dr Vinit Samdani, pediatrician, Bhatia Hospital, Mumbai.

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