Woman accuses fertility doctor of secretly using own sperm

woman accuses fertility doctor of secretly using own sperm

Sumary of Woman accuses fertility doctor of secretly using own sperm:

  • A woman is suing a New York fertility doctor, claiming he used his own sperm to secretly impregnate multiple patients — something she said she discovered when DNA genealogy tests revealed she had at least nine half-siblings.
  • Wortman was with patients and unavailable for comment Tuesday, his Rochester office said.
  • The case is one of more than 20 instances in recent years where fertility doctors have been accused of using their own sperm, rather than samples from anonymous donors, to treat patients.
  • The discovery of such scenarios has been made possible with the rise of genealogy sites like Ancestry.
  • In Indiana, Dr. Donald Cline was accused of using his own sperm to impregnate as many as dozens of women after telling them the donors were anonymous.
  • HBO released a documentary last year, “Baby God,” about a Nevada doctor accused of inseminating multiple patients with his sperm.
  • In another example, a Colorado doctor was sued by at least six families alleging negligence and fraud for allegedly using his own sperm in several successful artificial insemination procedures from 1975 to 1989. A New Jersey woman sued a former New York doctor with similar allegations earlier this year.
  • The lawsuit said the woman had known that she was born in 1985 through artificial insemination and that Wortman had, in fact, been “revered” in her family for helping her mother conceive through what they thought was an anonymous sperm donation from a University of Rochester medical student.

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