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Informação mundial & notícias sobre dicas de saúde mental, dicas sobre como reduzir o estresse e o controle emocional, opinião sobre uma melhor mentalidade e melhorar o moral, O iWeller compartilha dicas de saúde mental com amor.

How a New California Law Protects Your Kids

The respiratory risks of this unsettling time seem to multiply before our eyes. Coronavirus continues to spread and sicken thousandsyes, even teens.1 2 And this year’s wildfires caused extreme pollution.3 It’s important to remember, now more than

Molecular mechanism of long-term memory discovered

Researchers have discovered a molecular mechanism that plays a central role in intact long-term memory. This mechanism is also involved in physiological memory loss in old age. …

Esports: Fit gamers challenge ‘fat’ stereotype

A new survey of 1400 participants from 65 countries has found esports players are up to 21 per cent healthier weight than the general population, hardly smoke and also drink less. …


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