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Всемирная информация & Новости о лечении диабета и советы по профилактике помогут вам улучшить состояние диабета, iWeller с любовью делится медицинской информацией о диабете.

World AIDS Day 2020 – WHO calls for global solidarity to maintain HIV services

On 1 December WHO is calling on global leaders and citizens to rally for “global solidarity” to maintain essential HIV services during COVID 19 and beyondand to ensure continued provision of HIV services for children, adolescents and

WHO announces the Global Diabetes Compact

On World Diabetes Day, WHO announced the development of the Global Diabetes Compact, a comprehensive and inclusive approach to support countries in implementing effective programmes for the prevention and management of diabetes.The goals of the Compact, the development of

Could obese Americans get the coronavirus vaccine first?

While health care workers and the elderly have been reportedly eyed as the first in line to receive the coronavirus vaccine, a new report suggests that obese Americans could also be prioritized.

‘Repeat After Mefor Better Diabetes Care

MONDAY, Ноя. 30, 2020 — Repeat this: The key to helping people with diabetes stay healthier and out of the hospital could be as simple as better communication.
And an underutilized technique calledteach-backmay make a big difference for


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