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ప్రపంచవ్యాప్త సమాచారం & డైట్ బ్యాలెన్స్ ఇష్టపడే ఎవరికైనా డైట్ హెల్త్ పై చిట్కాలు, పోషక విలువపై మరింత తెలుసుకోవాలనుకుంటున్నాను, మరియు విటమిన్ పై చిట్కా & కేలరీల వినియోగం , iWeller ఆహారం ఆరోగ్య చిట్కాలను ప్రేమతో పంచుకుంటుంది.

Protein commonly screened for in pregnancy is linked to gestational diabetes

Laboratory research and analysis of epidemiological data show that low levels of a protein commonly seen in screening tests for chromosomal disorders during the first trimester of pregnancy is associated with adipose tissue remodeling, glucose resistance and gestational diabetes

Cocoa Might Give Your Brain a Boost: Study

MONDAY, Nov. 30, 2020 — Could the main ingredient found in chocolate super-charge your brain, help young, healthy adults think better, faster and more efficiently? Just maybe, according to a small new study out of Britain.
The finding is based

Connection between gut bacteria and vitamin D levels

Researchers discovered that the makeup of a person’s gut microbiome is linked to their levels of active vitamin D, and revealed a new understanding of vitamin D and how it’s typically measured. …

Gut microbes: a key to normal sleep

Researchers used a cocktail of antibiotics to deplete gut microbes in mice. They found that metabolites in the gut differed in these mice compared with controls. In particular, metabolic pathways involved in making important neurotransmitters like serotonin were affected….


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